Friday, November 14, 2008

View of a Fallen Father

A father of my local church passed away today. It's a shame, but it was a long time coming. He had been diagnosed with ALS since April 2007 and it's been leading his body to a path of self-destruction which finally ended.

Now, I'm not a particularly religious man. Though, what I admired the most about him is that for a year and a half, he kept presiding over Masses. Which he himself described as "a joy" in my local paper. I mean, he could have stopped presiding in May of '07 and declared himself a martyr. But no, he loved being a pastor that much. Even when he started slurring his speech and was confined to an electric wheelchair he still fought for his conviction to preach. When he announced a month ago that he was relinquishing some of his administrative duties, I felt a sense of caution. When you start surrendering your will for some rest, then you've fought long enough. He has passed on, but not before proving that he was still worth something to himself.

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